Parkers Heritage Heavy Char 11 Year Wheated Whiskey 750ml
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Parkers Heritage Heavy Char 11 Year Wheated Whiskey


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This edition continues the award-winning series of heavy char releases, exploring how a more intense char allows the liquid to penetrate deeper into each barrel stave and the effects on the resulting flavor. The previous two releases were Heavy Char Rye Whiskey and Heavy Char Bourbon respectively.

Barrels are charred for specific lengths of time to create the desirable aromatic compounds and chemical changes that occur when intense heat hits the oak. The traditional char level for barrels at Heaven Hill is Level 3, which is charred for 40 seconds. These barrels were charred at a Level 5, which means they were charred for 90 seconds. Barrels charred this long are not normally offered by cooperages, and ours were specially crafted for this edition of the Parker’s Heritage Collection. They feature deep fissures that occur when the heat causes the wood to peel away from the barrel.

These cracks allow the liquid to easily move back and forth into the staves. This allowed the Wheat Whiskey mashbill of 51% wheat, 37% corn and 12% malted barley to interact more with the oak, extracting a mix of sweetness, filled with hints of molasses and butterscotch. The 75 barrels of whiskey reached peak maturation after 11 years on the sixth floor of Rickhouse Y.


COLOR: Deep amber
NOSE: Honey and soft oak. Subtle cinnamon and nutmeg spices
TASTE: Rich, soft and sweet. Hints of molasses and butterscotch
FINISH: Long and warm, fading to pepper spices

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