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Items in our whiskey lotteries are heavily allocated whiskeys that we collect each year.  If you were looking for an allocated whiskey on our website and were not given the option to add it to your cart, that means it is most likely reserved for our whiskey lotteries.  ***Images on this page do not reflect what is in the current lottery.***


2023 Whiskey Lottery 

Registration Days

  • To Be Announced

Drawing Days

  • To Be Announced

Complete Whiskey Lottery Rules and Details

First, let us explain what we mean by “allocated whiskeys”.  Allocated products are generally items that are rare or are in short supply and therefore each state only receives a certain amount of that product. That amount is determined by the product supplier.  Once liquor distributors in each state receive their allocation of these products, it is then up to the liquor distributors to divide up their allocation between retailers. Each retailer then must decide how they want to handle their allocations.  Some retailers sell their allocations on a first-come, first-served basis. Some retailers have a waiting list and sell their allocations to the next person on their list. We decided to leave our allocation up to the "luck of the draw". We think that it gives everyone a better chance of getting to purchase one of these allocated items that they might not get otherwise.  Also, we think the lottery is just plain fun for our customers!

In 2020, due to COVID and the need for social distancing, we had to make some changes to how we did the lottery to keep Legacy staff and customers safe.  Since the process went so smoothly, we have decided to adopt the 2020 lottery procedures permanently.

Note: Lotteries are generally the days leading up to Christmas, but we have been known to put a lottery together other times of the year.  You must be a Legacy Loyalty Member and have current contact information on file with Legacy to receive communications regarding upcoming lotteries.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Items that are available for each drawing will be announced in the Legacy App via push and in-app notifications the day before each drawing.  Notifications must be turned on for the Legacy app.  If you are having issues with push notifications, you are welcome to Contact Us and we will text or e-mail you the link for that day's drawing.
  2. On the day before each drawing, you may come to Legacy at any time between 10am and 8pm to register for a numbered ticket for each item you are interested in purchasing in that day's drawing. Limit one ticket per person, per item.  Anyone who attempts to double register will be disqualified from that days drawing.  You must be at the store to register for the drawing and collect your tickets and, again, you must be a Legacy Loyalty Member. When you arrive to register, you will be asked to verify the contact information we have on file for you. If you are not a member, you can sign up at that time.
  3. At 10am on the day of each drawing, we will call out the ticket numbers live on the Legacy Wine and Spirits Facebook Page. You are no longer required to be at the store during the drawing.
  4. After the drawing, each winner will be called and notified in case you missed the drawing online.  But, we recommend watching us live because we may release special bottles that are not in the lottery, or any bottles not picked up from the previous lottery during each live drawing.  Those bottles will go to the first person to claim them.  
  5. Any items not claimed by the close of business on the day of the drawing will be re-entered into another day's drawing.

From our family at Legacy Wine and Spirits to yours, we wish you luck in advance to everyone that registers!  Please be safe and drink responsibly!


NOTE:  Pappy Van Winkle is no longer a part of our Whiskey Lottery.  All bottles of Van Winkle are donated each year to raise funds for local charities of Legacy's choosing.  Details about those donations are posted on the Legacy Wine and Spirits Facebook Page.



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